Leon McKenzie - Keynote speaker

Leon is available for a wide range of speaking engagements, speaking passionately and from experience about a wide range of mental health issues


Mental heath has been a big part of Leon's journey and depression plays a major part. From premiership football to professional boxer along the way being a sportsman all his life Leon has gone through many highs and more lows. In 2009 Leon experienced a very dark period and tried to commit suicide, going to prison and so many other personal issues. 

Since then Leon has come back fighting literally.   Leon has worked with many charities such as Mind, Time to Change, CalmZone, Samaritans and many more. Leon provides a 20-40 minute talk using images and video footage being a positive voice for men and women in their fight against mental health issues.  His attempted suicide was a very low place for him and his recovery is a journey he wishes to share as widely as possible.


Leon gives a talk of his story in a 20-40 minute presentation style highlighting being a successful sportsman in two sports, from professional football to professional boxing. Through Leon's journey he speaks about set backs.The most important moral of Leon's story is the resilience to fight back. By sharing personal stories, Leon hopes to provide aspects of his life showing children when things are difficult or circumstances change, it is important not to give up. He offers advice to train our minds to the best of our ability to be the best we can be. This will provide confidence and give a belief that children need now to prepare them for school and life after. 

Leon also provides a Q&A session to have more communication with teachers and pupils which is great for everyone to share thoughts and feel comfortable speaking openly. Currently Leon is building a 6-8 week program which will cover mental health, work ethic, activities that build confidence and class bonding. Working Together certificates will be provided from Mind Reposition. 


Leon speaks for 30-40 minutes about being a successful sportsman in two sports from a premier league footballer to a championship level boxer.  He then draws parallels on how mental strength is needed in any walk of life to achieve the best in you.

Through Leon's journey he will speak about the highs and lows, the fall in his mental and physical health. Leon will provide an understanding of mental health, suicide, life circumstances, resilience and the ability not to give up. Leon believes in training the mind to turn negatives into a positive outlook which will provide better results within your work life and personal life. Leon journeyed through his battles alone but by speaking about his story he will provide skills to help keep going even in your darkest hour. Leon shows how we can still achieve so much more off the back of unfortunate circumstances. Q&A will be available after to share thoughts and have everyone taking away something that will help them.


Leon spent time in Woodhill prison and recognises how being in this situation can exacerbate any mental health issues. Leon has spoken at Feltham prison of his journey battling his mental health, from the highs of being a premiership footballer to his all time low and back up again to now being a championship level boxer. His time in the A Category prison enables him to identify the lonely periods and wasted time to deliver a message that will help change inmates mindset to guard against a deteriorating state of mind. Hearing Leon speak and interact will show how to succeed, providing a different outlook from one who has experienced what inmates are currently going through to making a difference in their own and others lives. Q&A are available with open and honest interaction encouraged which always leads to a good end to any session. Leon is currently working on building a 6-8 week program which he will be able to cover mental health, confidence, discussing life after prison and Certificates from Mind Reposition.


Leon has attended many Q&A's covering mental health, sport, prison, money, suicide, divorce, injuries, success and failure. With sharing his story, Leon provides empathy with so many of these life changing events. They are always a success for individuals or companies wanting help in a more informal setting.  Pictures and signings available after!