Why Mind Reposition?

People often ask me why I set up Mind Reposition and it's a good question. 

A lot of things in my life spiralled out of control.  Injuries had a terrible effect on my body and knowing that I wasn't going to be able to do what I had always been able to do - and worrying about what was next for me was hard.  I got divorced and this meant I was missing my children as well.  I felt very lonely, lost and had a total sadness within me.  This culminated with me attempting to take my own life in 2009 which, looking back, I was fortunate to survive.

At that time I wish we had more awareness within my work environment of these issues, with people comfortable to deal with the emotions I was experiencing.

The key that rescued me was me believing I could beat what I was going through and being open with my loved ones.  That enabled them to have more understanding of what I was going through.

With the right help, I came back fighting, not just in the ring but winning against my personal battles. Depression has been a big part of the person Leon Mckenzie is now and with my resilience and the skills I've learnt to fight it, I'm now using Mind Reposition to inspire others, raise awareness and help people seek what they need to win their individual battles.


Mind reposition is aimed at individuals, groups and organisations:-

Individuals - to help them through their unique battles using my experience and listening skills to work through the causes of mental health issues to a positive solution.


Groups - to speak to like minded groups of people that have already begun to recognise their collective problems, seek to break down the barriers of talking about how they are feeling and reinforce the progress already made.


Organisations - to speak to organisations that recognise their potential vulnerability to mental health issues or raise awareness in those forward thinking enough to confront issues head on. My aim is to give their teams the skills they need to recognise issues and deal with them before they progress too far.


Leon has spoken all over the U.K at schools, business events, charities and prisons about his journey through his life and offers specific programmes designed to deliver what will be uniquely suited to your company or event. 


Leon aims to create positive energy towards circumstances that are often beyond our control that can become bigger issues if not addressed correctly.  Leon is a prime example of being knocked down and getting back up to fight life when it starts to get the upper hand.


So coming back to the initial question I tried to answer - Why Mind Reposition?


Mind Reposition is really me and my story. It's my experiences and reaching out, breaking down barriers and giving people the chance to be open and talk about what they are facing - the first step to healing.  It's about raising awareness of Mental Health issues, and bringing positive reasons to never give up.