Who are we?

Mind Reposition is an organisation set up by Leon McKenzie (ex-premier league footballer, boxer, mental health expert) to help broaden understanding of mental health issues throughout the UK.

We help individuals, groups and organisations recognise the signs, then tailor a plan of action to come to terms with each situation. 

No two mental health issues are alike and Leon brings a personal approach, having suffered from mental health issues including depression during his career. Since retiring from football, Leon's devotion to helping those undergoing similar problems means he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to what is still regarded as a taboo subject in society today.

Leon McKenzie - STRONG
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Who is Leon McKenzie

Mind Reposition was founded by Leon Mckenzie. Once a former premier league footballer who is now a professional championship boxer Leon has experienced being a top flight athlete but also within his journey experiencing many lows, mental health being a vocal point of his life. 


Leon scored over 100 league goals 400 appearances playing for Crystal Palace, Peterborough united, Fulham, Norwich City, Coventry City, Charlton and Northampton. From retiring from professional football Leon took to the professional boxing ring following his Uncle's footsteps former three time world champion Duke and his dad and trainer former British & European champion Clinton. 


Leon attempted to take his own life in 2009 and was fortunate to have survived. Leon came back fighting, not just in the boxing ring but fighting his personal battles. Depression has been a big part of Leon Mckenzie and with his resilience and ability to fight it he's now using Mind Reposition to inspire and share his story helping others that suffer. 


Mind Reposition aims to have Leon speaking all over the UK at schools, events, businesses, charities, prisons etc.   Leon speaks about his journey and offers specific programs to deliver what will be suitable for your company or event. 


He focuses on being able to speak and change thought processes by having positive energy towards unfortunate circumstances that can become a bigger issue if not addressed correctly.  Leon is a prime example of being knocked down and getting back up to fight life when it knocks you down. 


It was an absolute honour to have Leon as a sitter for my "Bipolar Picasso" body of work.  His moving words (used within the audio part of the installation) surround his struggles with depression and the stigma surrounding mental illness, particularly in the culture encompassing the world of sport.  His honest words provide hope and highlight the importance of being able to simply talk about it - a true inspiration with a genuine heart.  Many people were able to relate to Leon's story, especially young men and by being a mental health advocate he is successfully breaking down the stereotypes related to those  who suffer from mental illness.

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